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and here’s my best monkey!
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My Best Monkey! ( A GUY BEST FRIEND)

I call him monkey, because his face is like monkey, hahaha nope just kidding! his name is Vincent. I know him since 1 year ago, when we have the same job in Jakarta Fair, we’re not close anymore, as 1 month goes by… We ( you and our friend, Adul) like to hanging out together, maybe I rarely go with you, it’s just happen when my mom let me go (cause you guys know my mom…) And I know that you have a girlfriend in China, her name is Stella, I like her, I like the way you build ur relationship with her, no jealousy and have faith at each other. 1 year goes by, Jakarta Fair 2014 is open again, and I have no idea why we can have the same counter again? F1 ❤️!!! I’m so excited!!!
but my expectation is too hight, F1 2013 will never be the same… :(
I dont really like the people in F1 2014 :( so I just talk to you. and since then, we become close (as best friend :p) I think you’re just like shittt but then I think again, you are really really kind!
pertama: rela macet2an demi temenin gw beli softlens, padahal TERNYATA DI MABES ADA :D HE HE HE
kedua: rela bangun pagi, diomelin nyokap, macet2an, telak k PRJ demi temenin gw nonton, padahal film ny biasa aja :))
ketiga: rela anterin gue plg duluan, baru jalan sama tmn2 lu
keempat: rela ngantuk2an nemenin gw belajar di food court pas gw lg uas
kelima: pas gw tlp minta di jemput, karna ga ada yg bisa jemput, lu lgsng jemput, udah gitu mau anterin k JNE lagi sampe telat sampe u yg bayar juga telat nya HAHAHA
tp nyebelin juga, karna suka ngomogn “EH BIASA AJA DONG” dengan nyolottt. ckckck
but it’s okay, kebaikan nya kebih banyak dr pada kenyolotannya hahaha
thank you my monkey, I hope you always be the same like MY BEST MONKEY NOW :D
💩🐵🙈😚👫 #bestfriendforever

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only if they knew

I act like everything is fine, I laugh at people’s jokes, I do silly things with my friends. It’s funny thought. When I come back home, I just turn off the mental switch. Then suddenly I break down. I feel alone, empty, tired, I can’t exactly describe how I feel into words. Its like I have two
different me’s. One for the public, and one for myself. Only if they knew. Only if :)

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[ i l o v e w o r d s ]
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No matter how good or bad your life is, wake up each morning and be thankful that you still have one.
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Don’t compare your love story to those you watch in movies. They’re written by scriptwriters, yours is written by God.

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